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Creating has been my passion since early childhood, and I find the whole process extremely exhilarating and exciting. Colours, shapes, spaces, light and shade have always intrigued me. As a child, I drew, painted, crafted and sculpted with whatever was available at hand and ended up becoming an architect with a strong artistic approach. To me, every project was like a big installation, and the whole process, from the initial conception to completion, was a fascinating journey.

I was a practicing architect for nearly 50 years. During this period, architecture exposed me to various aspects of arts, and though painting is my forte, I am also keenly interested in photography, sculpture, pottery and printmaking. I have a passion for painting in watercolours which I mainly do plein aire. I find the challenges of the medium extremely exciting. To me, it is like riding a wild stallion. I also paint in oils and acrylics, which give me freedom to create large works.

In 2016, I voluntarily retired from architecture to explore art further and hone my skills before it was too late, primarily because whatever I did until then was autodidact and exploratory. My architectural background is reflected in my artwork with respect to mark making, perspective and composition.

My works are a direct result of the effect of the environment I am placed in at a given time. Over the years, I have used various materials and mediums to convey my thoughts and feelings. Currently, I am experimenting with three-dimensional works, fusing painting, sculpture and architecture to create an illusion of motion and depth in a two dimensional frame.


2023 | Radford Art Show

2022 | Radford Art Show

2021 | Radford Art Show

2020 | Creative Craft Month Exhibition, CIT Library

2020 | Assessment Installation, Visual Art Diploma, CIT

2019 | Radford Art Show

1999 | Coordination Committee of Indian Associations, Bahrain, winner in all three categories

1973 | National Students of Architecture Convention, Art Exhibition, Sir J.J. College of Architecture

1972 | SIES College, Mumbai, Annual Art Competition and Exhibition, winner in all three categories


2020 | Diploma of Visual Art, Canberra Institute of Technology

1979 | Bachelor of Architecture, University of Bombay

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